Government employees salary to be increased by Rs 2,000 per month applicable from mid-July

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Finance is finalizing the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The Ministry of Finance has completed all tasks related to the budget except determination of few tax rates.

Now the budget team and the Finance Minister is expected to sit together soon to finalize the tax rates.

It has been finalized to raise the salary of civil servants from the upcoming fiscal year 2022-23. The government has handed over the responsibility to Chief Secretary Shankar Das Bairagi to recommend the salary increment rate. Chief Secretary Bairagi is accompanied by Finance Secretary Madhu Kumar Marasini and Secretary at the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration Suresh Adhikari.

The team will send the salary rate to the Ministry of Finance and the Finance Ministry will include this proposal in the budget program.

According to sources in the Ministry of Finance, preparations have been made to increase the salary by Rs 2,000 this time. Former Finance Minister Bishnu Poudel had increased the allowance by 2,000 rupees for the current year 2078/79 without increasing the salary of the employees. This was continued by Finance Minister Janardan Sharma with the replacement bill.

This time the salary will be increased by Rs 2,000. The increased salary will be applicable for civil servants as well as police, army, teachers and government teachers.

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Thursday May 26, 2022, 12:36:04 PM |

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