Freight service suspended after fuel price hike

KATHMANDU: Retailers in Birgunj, Parsa have shut down all services related to transportation of goods after the rise in prices of petroleum products. The freight service has been shut as the price hike in petroleum products has directly affected the business of transporters, according to the Transport Entrepreneurs Association, Birgunj.

All kinds of transportation of goods have been suspended for the time being due to the failure in increasing the freight charge despite the sharp rise in prices of petroleum products, Vice-president of the association Pravin Kumar Karna said.

At least 40 to 60 truckloads of retail goods used to be transported to different cities from Birgunj every day.
Pesident of the association Bal Krishna Pokharel said that 46 retailers affiliated to the association have demanded adjustment in the transportation fare in accordance with the increased cost of petroleum products. Entrepreneurs have demanded timely increase in the freight service charge along with the increase in price of petroleum products.


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Thursday May 26, 2022, 02:42:09 PM |

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