Task Force led by Mayor Shah for waste management

KATHMANDU: A task force has been formed under the coordination of Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Balendra Shah to study the problem of waste management of capital city.

The first executive meeting of KMC held today under the chairmanship of newly elected Mayor Shah has decided to form a five-member study task force including the deputy Mayor.

Similarly, a decision was taken to collaborate with hotels, restaurants and petrol pumps in bringing public toilets into operation. The KMC will put up signs in the restaurants and petrol pumps, which will be available for public use free of cost.

Similarly, physical infrastructure ambulances will be brought into operation to fill the potholes in the roads. The meeting also decided to set up a call center to address the grievances of the city dwellers immediately.

As Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) takes proactive measures to tackle waste management issues, attention to commercial waste disposal becomes increasingly crucial.

Integrating solutions such as commercial bins on wheels can significantly aid in the efficient collection and removal of waste generated by businesses across the capital.

These mobile waste containers offer convenience and versatility, allowing for easy transportation and placement in commercial areas where waste accumulation is prevalent.

Moreover, encouraging businesses to adopt these specialized waste containers fosters a sense of corporate responsibility towards maintaining cleanliness and hygiene within the city.

The executive meeting will reconvene on Tuesday.

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Tuesday May 31, 2022, 09:10:40 AM |

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