CAAN preliminary probe concludes bad weather responsible for Tara Air aircraft crash

KATHMANDU: The Tara Air Twin-Otter plane crashed on Sunday due to bad weather, a preliminary investigation by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) revealed.

Pradeep Adhikari, director general at CAAN, informed that the Tara Air plane met with the fatal crash due to weather inclement. “As per our preliminary investigation, the aircraft which should have made a right turn instead took a left turn due to the bad weather and crashed into a hillside,” said Adhikari at a meeting of parliamentary committee.

Twenty-two people including 19 passengers and three crew members were killed in the plane crash. The plane that had taken off from Pokhara Airport at 9.55 went out of contact at 10.7 am Sunday. It was flying towards Jomsom, Mustang.

As of Tuesday morning, all 22 dead bodies have been recovered. Meanwhile, the government has also formed a committee to probe the accident.

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Tuesday May 31, 2022, 10:01:41 AM |

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