Nabil Bank to open its toilets for public use

KATHMANDU: Kathmandu Metropolitan City and Nabil Bank Limited have reached an agreement to operate public toilets.

Nabil Bank has signed an agreement with the metropolitan to operate public toilets in 18 Kathmandu branches.

The agreement was signed by Loknath Poudyal, Chief Administrative Officer of Kathmandu Metropolitan, and Anil Keshary Shah, Chief Executive Officer of Nabil. The contract is for five years.

The bank will handle toilet maintenance, sanitation, water management, and drainage. During the signing ceremony, Nabil’s executive officer Shah announced that the bank would implement free public toilets as part of its social responsibility.

The public will be able to have free toilets at the central office of the bank including Durbar Marg, Tindhara, Jorpati, Maharajgunj, New Baneshwor, Kshetrapati Marg, Chabahil and Mait Devi Complex.

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Thursday June 9, 2022, 10:20:13 AM |

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