Govt prepares five-year strategic plan on labor market

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security has prepared a five-year strategic plan for the first time.

The strategic plan has six pillars: internal employment promotion, foreign employment management, labour relations and occupational safety, vocational skills development training, contribution-based social security, good governance promotion and labour diplomacy.

The five-year strategic plan has been prepared covering various activities to be carried out in the next five fiscal years (2022/23 to 2027/28, said the ministry in a statement on Sunday.

Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security, Krishna Kumar Shrestha, said that the plan has been prepared to guide the activities to be carried out by the ministry and to make the work fruitful.

According to him, the strategic plan also assesses various activities to be carried out in the next five fiscal years, the cost required for it and expected achievement to be made from it. He said that the strategy has been finalized by incorporating the suggestions received after discussions with various stakeholders.

Towards internal employment promotion, it is mentioned that minimum employment will be guaranteed, productive employment will be promoted and expanded and integrated employment services will be provided.

Similarly, towards foreign employment management, the plan aims to make foreign employment safe, systematic and dignified, to maximise foreign employment by identifying skilled employment opportunities in the international labour market.

Increasing labour productivity, maintaining good industrial labour relations, making maximum use of labour force by making labour practices dignified, implementing child labour prevention master plan, occupational health and safety are also the priorities of the plan.

Similarly, promoting workplace risk reduction, strengthening and capacity building of bodies working in the field of labour administration, promoting business and human rights, formalizing informal labour, and balancing the demand and supply of skilled and semi-skilled manpower as required by the national labour market are other components of the plan.

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