WiFi Nepal foray into Nepali internet market with ’30 Mbps Plan’ for only Rs 400

KATHMANDU:  New internet service provider ‘WiFi Nepal’ has entered the Nepali market with a 30 Mbps internet plan for only Rs 400.

“It is the company’s vision to make affordable internet access for all and we have introduced our internet packages accordingly,” said Ritesh Raj Singh, CEO of the company.

The company has made 30 and 50 Mbps internet plans with the service launch. As per the company, the 30 Mbps plan will cost Rs 400 before VAT and 50 Mbps will cost 550 without VAT. Further, you need to pay Rs 1,500 for a router on both packages.

The company claims the packages are the cheapest yet in Nepal. The company has opened online booking for its affordable internet packages. For now, WiFi Nepal will only operate in Kathmandu.

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Wednesday June 15, 2022, 10:27:48 AM |

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