Air travel, public commuting gets dearer owing to petro-products price hike

KATHMANDU: The Airlines Operators Association of Nepal has increased the aviation fare for domestic flights citing price increments in petroleum products. The new list of the fare shall come into force from Wednesday, the Association said in a notice issued today.

It said the charge of aviation fares for domestic flights has been increased from minimum Rs 170 to a maximum Rs 840.

As per the new price list, Rs 840 has been increased for the aviation fare for the Kathmandu-Dhangadhi route, making it Rs 16,805 as the full fare.

The state-owned Nepal Oil Corporation on Sunday had hiked Rs 19 per liter in aviation fuel.

Similarly, transport entrepreneurs have also raised public transportation haphazardly citing rise in price of petroleum products.

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Tuesday June 21, 2022, 01:15:28 PM |

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