ERMC objects MP Chaudhary’s statement in Parliament

KATHMANDU: Environment & Resources Management Consultant (ERMC) has objected the statement made by CPN-UML MP Ganga Chaudhary in the parliament regarding governmental construction works.

MP Chaudhary’s divisive statement made in the parliament saying that ERMC got 51 jobs from the Department of Urban Development and Building Construction under the Ministry of Urban Development was completely false. In a statement issued by the company, the ERMC said the allegations were fabricated and accused Chaudhary of spreading rumors without tiny evidence.

“This is a vivid example of what kind of people we send to Parliament. I urge the parliamentarians to study the relevant issues in details and speak only the facts before flooring any issue,” said Uddhav Raj Chaulagain, managing director of ERMC, adding, this kind of baseless expression cripples the parliamentarians and also spread the confusing messages to the people.

“In one year, ERMC got only one job under the department, that’s it,” if anyone is confuses about this regards, I request to visit the concerned ministry and department to find out,” he said.

The ERMC said in a statement that the MP’s remarks have tarnished the image and dignity of the parliament and the parliamentarians themselves.

Chaudhary is a MP who is constantly in controversy in the parliament. She has been embroiled in controversy in Parliament by commenting on personal matters ranging from accusations to things she did not know.

‘ERMC is an organization of professionals who have been sincerely involved in the development of Nepal for a long time. Established with the belief that something can be done in this country, ERMC has been providing direct employment to Nepalis not only in the country but also in many countries of the world by providing consulting services,’ statements read.

The statement further read, “We are not concerned with anything other than literally following the rules and regulations of the government. Competing in the procurement process within the perimeter of the law and stated criteria, any company will get a lot of work, which is a regular and normal process of the procurement.”

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