International Workshop and Conference on Information and Technology in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU: SANOG and npNOG organizing an International Workshop and conference on Information and
Technology in Kathmandu and from July 18 to 22. Internet service providers, as well as individuals and organizations involved in information and communication technology will attend the event.

South Asian Network Operator Group (SANOG) and Nepal Network Operators Group (NPINOG) Lehi from July 18 to 22 (Shravan 2 to Shravan 6) SANOG-38 NPNOG – Internet technology as experienced by those involved in the field In addition to learning about the problems and challenges that arise in such technologies, will gain knowledge.
A program in this field concerns internet technology.

In addition to learning about the problems and challenges that arise in such technologies, will gain knowledge of information and Technology. The event will be a four-day workshop as well as a one-day conference.The workshop will cover the following topics: Routing Infrastructure and Operational Security:, Network Management, Monitoring, and Security: 2) IPv6 Deployment, and 3) Network Security.

Workshops and conferences with experts from various fields, as well as some international ones For four days, experts will provide knowledge and training to participants. The aforementioned training will be beneficial, particularly for graduate students and those working in the field of communication technology.

On the final day of the proceedings, informing current ICT status in Nepal and the rest of the world, regarding the state of the industry today, difficulties, and success stories.

Additionally, special presentations will be made by representatives from other nations in the fields of banking, telecommunications, internet service providers, and information and communication technology.

NPIX Executive Director Rupesh Bhakta Shrestha claims that in order for this sector to develop in Nepal, significant contributions must be made to this activity of sharing top-notch knowledge of communication technology. Participants in the event included representatives from Google, Amazon, Meta Facebook, APNIC, and South Asian ISPs, Juniper and Nokia will attend the event.

Nepal Research and Education Network (NREN), Nepal Telecommunications Authority, Internet Service Providers’ Association Nepal ISPAN, and Nepal Internet Foundation will provide a special assistance during this international event.

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