Demat account registration crosses 5.3 million units as public participation in share market increases

KATHMANDU: As the participation of ordinary investors in the stock market is increasing, the numbers of people opening demat accounts and taking Mero Shares is also continuously increasing.

According to CDS and Clearing Limited, the number of demat accounts has reached 5.3 million. Along with the demat account, the number of Mero Share account has also increased noticeably.

According to CDSC, the number of Mero Shares has reached 4.4 million. According to the details of CDSC, the number of demat and Mero Share accounts has increased significantly recently in recent days.

According to the CDSC, opening of such accounts has increased as common people need a demat account when they apply for Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Recently, not only in IPO, but also in equity, bonds, collective investment schemes, the attraction of investors has increased.

As a result, the number of people opening demats accounts and taking my shares has increased. As investors are becoming more technology-friendly, the number of people taking Mero Shares has also increased significantly.

According to the experts, the online service has inspired investors to gradually increase their interest in the market, to become technology-friendly, and because it can be done in a few hundred, quickly and easily, Mero Shares are now the priority of investors.

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Monday August 1, 2022, 01:14:47 PM |

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