1,807 EVs imported in Nepal in last fiscal year 2021/22

A total of 1,807 electric vehicles (EVs) were imported in the country in the last fiscal year 2021/22.

According to the statistics unveiled by the Department of Customs, among the imported EVs last fiscal year, majority of them were from China standing at 823 followed by 696 from India.

The EVs were brought in Nepal from South Korea at 184. Likewise, 78 EVs were imported from Japan and 23 from the UK and one from France and remaining from other countries.

Most of the EVs imported were of 100 kilowatt and 150-200 kilowatt in capacity.

The government in the budget last fiscal year announced concession in excise duty of the EVs following which encouraging number of EVs made its way to Nepal last fiscal year compared to the previous fiscal year 2020/21 during which only 261 EVs were imported.

The government collected over Rs 1.43 billion in revenue from the import of 1,807 EV in the last fiscal year while over Rs 5 billion money went out of the country. RSS

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