Net profit of NT increases to Rs. 8.38 billion in FY 2021/22

KATHMANDU: Nepal Telecom (NT) has earned a net profit of Rs. 8.38 billion in the last fiscal year 2021/22.

The profit of the Company has increased by 17.55 percent in the last fiscal year compared to the previous fiscal year, according to the NT.

In the previous year, the Company had earned a net profit of Rs. 7.12 billion. The total income of the NT has increased by 5 per cent to Rs. 44.32 billion during the last fiscal year as compared to the income of the previous fiscal year.

Likewise, the total operating income of Nepal Telecom has increased to Rs. 37.88 billion which is 5.44 per cent higher than the previous fiscal year 2020/21. According to the NT, the main reason behind the increase in net profit of the company last fiscal year is to increase its operating income.

The NT said that there has been an increase of around Rs. 500 million towards GSM data due to the increase in the use of data packages.

Similarly, due to the extensive expansion of 4G services, the income from GSM voice service has increased by Rs 2.55 billion with the increment in the use of GSM voice services in the last fiscal year.

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Tuesday August 16, 2022, 10:22:51 AM |

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