Paddy plantation completed across 94% of arable land

KATHMANDU: Paddy plantation of this year has almost completed, as plantation has been done in 94.2 per cent of the total paddy field as of Sunday.

According to the Department of Agriculture (DoA), paddy plantation has completed in around 1.417 million hectares of land out of the total 1.504 million hectares of paddy field.

Director General of the Department of Agriculture Dr. Rewati Raman Poudel said that paddy has been planted in 94.2 per cent cultivable land of the country, and it is less by 3.69 per cent than the previous year. He said paddy plantation has reached the final stage across the country and it would complete within a week.

“We estimate that the paddy plantation will increase by 1 to 2 per cent and reach around 96 per cent this year,” Poudel told The Rising Nepal.

Plantation area up

The area of paddy plantation has increased this year compared to previous fiscal years. Earlier, the paddy used to be planted in around 1.37 million hectares of land across the country. This year, paddy cultivation area has increased to 1.504 million hectares.

“Based on the data received from the provinces, it is estimated that rice will be planted in 1.504 million hectares this year, while it was planted in 1.371 million hectares last year,” he added.

Even though the plantation declined in terms of percentage, the paddy plantation area has increased this year, he said.

Paddy was planted in 97.89 per cent (1.342 million hectares) out of the total paddy cultivating land of 1.371 million hectares in the last fiscal year. But this year, paddy is planted in around 1.417 million hectares of land.

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