Sixth international women’s trade expo kicks off

KATHMANDU: Federation of Woman Entrepreneurs’ Associations of Nepal (FWEAN), established in 2003, is a not-for-profit organization representing the collective efforts of women entrepreneurs in the economic progress of the nation and decision-making at national and international levels.

With the vision to build the nation through socio-economic empowerment of Nepali women, FWEAN promotes women entrepreneurship through advocacy, capacity enhancement, business support and networking nationally and internationally.

There are 59 WEAN Chapters in all 7 provinces with over 3000 members. Over the past five years, FWEAN has been successfully organizing the International Women’s Trade Expo in Kathmandu. Giving continuity to this trend, FWEAN is organizing 6th International Women’s Trade Expo this year at Heritage Garden, Sanepa, Lalitpur from 18-22 August 2022 (2-6 Bhadra, 2079).

FWEAN’s slogan, ‘Work Together, Win Together’, illustrates and calls for collective efforts from the local and global community. The trade expo serves as a platform to bring together influential Nepalese and International businesswomen providing ample scope for product sales, networking, and knowledge sharing.

The Expo will provide a networking forum for women-owned business to have constructive connections with other business cohorts and key stakeholders, including government institutions.

The 6th International Women’s Trae Expo was inaugurated by the Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Sher Bahadur Deuba. Honorable Prime Minister highly appreciated the contribution made by women entrepreneurs to the economy of the country.

He said that the products made by Nepali women entrepreneurs by making use of local resources will also be used in government offices. Prime Minister expressed his happiness that this kind of fair organized by FWEAN has created a common platform for women entrepreneurs from different districts and rural areas to promote their products.

In order to promote domestic market development and export trade of goods and handicrafts produced in Nepal, Federation of Woman Entrepreneurs’ Nepal, Trade and Export Promotion Center under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply of the Government of Nepal, Micro, Cottage and Small industry Promotion Center under the Department of Industry, ITC under GIZ, Australian Embassy, TIP under EU, ICF, ILO, The Asia Foundation, FCA, CECI, Agricultural development Bank, Nabil Bank, JBBL, among others.

In this 5-day expo, handicraft items such as: natural fiber products, Dhaka and home- made items, hand-made paper items, organic food, domestic and foreign food dishes, agricultural products, floral materials, herbs, jewelry, decorative items, as well as the stalls of various service providers are on display in an attractive manner. In this expo, there will be stalls of the products of the districts from the seven provinces, national and international women entrepreneurs.

FWEAN beliefs in promoting the skills and creativity of women entrepreneurs in the international trade expo of women entrepreneurs and help them to create a sustainable identity in the national and international markets. There are a total of 109 stalls in this expo. Out of which, 14 stalls have been placed for the exhibition of agricultural products, 27 stalls for the exhibition of handicraft products.

Similarly, there are 7 trade and service stalls, 4 festival theme-based stalls, 5 food stalls, 4 stalls for the exhibition of goods produced by international women entrepreneurs, and 24 stalls for district women entrepreneurs.
The expo is expected about 100,000 people to observe this trade fair with the participation of 218 exhibitors. In addition, FWEAN has estimated that the sales of about 20 million within these 5 days.

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