NTA instructs telecom companies not to renew VAS service without consumer’s approval

KATHMANDU- The Nepal Telecommunication Authority has instructed the telecom companies not to renew any value added services without approval by the customer.

The authority has warned that it will be implemented even though it has already given instructions not to renew without the approval of the customers by bringing various services and packages.

The information about the expiration of the value added service operated by the telecommunication service providers should be sent to the customers of the service through SMS free of charge before the service period expires, the customer’s response should be requested via SMS regarding the service renewal/non-renewal, the service provider should request the customer to renew the service via SMS.

Even though the authority had previously instructed not to renew the service automatically for those customers who were informed of non-renewal through SMS and did not respond, the authority has given instructions again as it was found that the companies did not implement it.

Now again, the authority has warned that such services are being provided through social media and promotional materials. The authority has warned that if any service provider is found working against the instructions, action will be taken according to the law.

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Wednesday September 7, 2022, 04:11:27 PM |

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