Santa Bahadur and Sudhir became Nepal’s first hot air balloon technicians

KATHMANDU: For the first time in Nepal, technical manpower has been prepared for the inspection and repair of hot air balloons in Nepal.

Recently, Santa Bahadur Lamichhane and Sudhir Shrestha have received the hot air balloon technician’s license from the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.

Lamichhane is also a pilot of Recreational Aircrafts Ultralight, Gyrocopter. He is also the first aircraft engineer of Nepal and the first ultralight pilot who studied in Nepal. He has been working as a technician and pilot since 2006 after passing the examination based on the standards set for making aircraft. Lamichhane is also Nepal’s first and only gyrocopter pilot since 2017.

Sudhir is also an ultralight pilot. He came to Nepal after completing the pilot course from South Africa. British trainer Alexander Braincourt gave basic training in 2019 with the aim of producing the same technique after flying hot air balloons in Pokhara. He took advanced training from 10 June to 16 June 2022 and took the authority exam.

Currently, Sudhir and Santa are the only certified technical staff of hot air balloons in Nepal. In 2019, after the government made a policy to grant licenses in Nepal, the Aviation Authority prepared the examination criteria. The authority gives permission only after passing 5 papers for hot air balloon technique.

“Before the technicians of Lamichhane and Shrestha hot air balloons, because there were no Nepalese technicians, foreign technicians had to be called even for general maintenance,” adds Bikram Bade, president of Balloon Nepal. It is expected that such a situation will not be created now that there is technology in Nepal.

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