Man shot dead in Gotathar was a murder convict and fake currency trader

Pic: Onlinekhabar

KATHMANDU: Police claim a man shot dead in Gothatar, Kageshwari Manohara municipality, on the eastern outskirts of Kathmandu on Monday evening was linked with a murder case and fake currency trade in the past.

A yet-to-be-identified gang had shot at Mohammad Darji aka Lal Mohammad in front of his residence in the capital on Monday evening. Seriously injured in the attack, he was declared dead during treatment last night.

Whereas police are yet to find out who shot him dead with what motive, they have revealed that the victim’s background was also dark. He was a murder convict, who had served a 10-year jail sentence.

Besides, he is said to be a part of a team led by Yunus Ansari, the notorious counterfeit currency trader in Nepal, who is currently in jail.

Lal Mohammad recently filed an application to the local police saying he faced security threats, but the request was apparently unheeded.

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