Over 1,000 brand-new vehicles stuck in Birgunj checkpoint

KATHMANDU: Over 1,000 brand-new big and small vehicles entering Nepal from neighbouring India and third countries for sale have been stuck midway at Birgunj point.

The vehicles being transported worth minimum Rs 2 million to maximum Rs 10 million each include 572 jeeps, cars and vans, 1,146 buses, trucks, tippers and mini-trucks.

According to Kamal Gyawali, chief of the Birgunj Integrated Check Post, these vehicles have been parked in the premises of the check post since seven months.

The sale of vehicles has decreased after banks and financial institutions have tightened loan issuance to purchase vehicles, both small and big.

As a result, the vehicles have been stuck midway, said Gopal Acharya, chief of the Sipradi Trading in Birgunj. RSS

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Wednesday September 21, 2022, 10:23:30 AM |

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