LG starts its TV assembly plant in Nepal

KATHMANDU: On the invitation of CG Electronics (Chaudhary Croup), Mr. Sungho, Chun – MD of LG Electronics, Singapore visited the Nepal and inaugurated the TV assembly factory of LG at Satungal, Kathmandu by collaboration with Chaudhary Group. His visit also marks the long-term collaboration between LG Electronics Inc., South Korea and Chaudhary Group.

A team of technical experts from LG Electronics Inc. consistently supervise and supporting the Nepali engineering team to ensure the quality of the products assembled in Nepal matches as per LG standard.

Excited by his visit, Mr. Chun said, “already famed for its quality products and services throughout the world, LG products has also been widely loved in Nepal. Our past experience with Chaudhary Group has encouraged us to make this collaboration to extend our services to more households into this beautiful country. The new assembly plant opens door to more avenues for us to make LG products more affordable for this market. In the future, we will look into more ways to add value to our customers in Nepal by exploring new opportunities.”

In the near future, LG home appliances and entertainment appliances will start assembling and manufacturing from Nepal, which will help to reduce the cost of products to Nepali customers.

“We are honored to be a part of such world-class brand as LG in Nepal with CG since 1988 (35 years) .The announcement of long-term collaboration between LG Electronics Inc. and Chaudhary Group will definitely help in bringing more FDIs in Nepal. This will also help in creating new employment opportunities within Nepal. Nepali customers will also benefitted with premium home appliances at more affordable price while enjoying quality services,” Mr. Nirvana Chaudhary, Managing Director, Chaudhary Group, expressed his gratitude towards Mr. Chun and LG Electronics Inc. for making this collaboration successful.

Mr. Chun also visited LG Shoppe at Min Bhawan, Kathmandu and ensured the expansion of such Showrooms across Nepal in the near future to provide better customer experience and reach. As of today, LG already has 8 such Showrooms in the country.

Mr. Chun also visited CG Industrial Park at Devachuli, Nawalparasi to observe the possibilities for establishing the TV Panel manufacturing unit in Nepal.

He also took a tour and observed the Digital Class Room (Digital school established by Chaudhary foundation in collaboration with LG Electronics Inc.) at Shree Shanti Srijana basic level school in Devchuli, Nawalparasi. As a CSR initiative, Digital Class Room is helping school students get holistic academic education through digital learning support. As of today, the organization has already equipped 24 community schools in 4 provinces and 9 districts and is eyeing to expand across the country.

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