First ever ‘Nada EV Expo 2022’ kicks off

KATHMANDU: NADA Automobiles Association of Nepal’s first electric vehicle exhibition ‘NADA EV Expo 2022’ is kicks off from today in Bhrikutimandap Exhibition Hall. In this exhibition, 7 brands of electric cars, one brand of three-wheelers and 16 brands of electric scooters and motorcycles are kept for the participation.

The EV Expo was postponed by NADA after the government continued to ban the import of petroleum cars from the regular auto expo held by NADA. NADA mentioned that the expo was held for the exhibition and knowledge exchange of electric vehicles as the interest of consumers towards electric vehicles is increasing, the government has taken a policy of giving priority to electric vehicles and the number of electric vehicle brands coming to Nepal has increased significantly.

The auto expo which started from September 22 (today) will continue till the 25th Septemner. NADA has held NADA EV Expo for the first time at Bhrikutimandap Exhibition Hall in Kathmandu.

From the American brand Tesla to the Indian scooter brand Ola, the first-ever electric vehicle exhibition is participating. Similarly, Tata Nexon EV, Hyundai and other car brands are currently the most selling electric cars in Nepal.

NADA is going to hold an EV Expo with the slogan ‘Towards Sustainability’. Due to the growing interest and use of electric vehicles around the world, NADA has postponed the regular exhibition and held the EV Expo.

Apart from cars and two-wheelers, tires, batteries, parts and bank financial institutions will also participate in the EV Expo. Similarly, NADA is also discussing how electric vehicles are made, whether investing in them is a long-term benefit or not, and what kind of technology is used in electric vehicles.

For that, NADA will conduct a debate program called EV Chautari. The debate will take place from Friday until the last day of the EV show.

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