500 Chyangra being brought to Kathmandu from Darchula

KATHMANDU: Chyangra, the Himalayan goats, will be brought in around 500 numbers to Kathmandu from Darchula district in view of the upcoming Dashain festival. It is the first time the Himalayan goats are being brought here from Darchula.

Food Management and Trading Company (FMTC) is bringing in the Chyangra from Darchula, reasoning the excessive cost of transportation from Mustang district. Company’s Executive Director Mohan Prakash Chand shared that it was for the first time Chyangra meat will be in Dashain cuisine-  Chyangra from Darchula, the western-most district of the country.

The Company is purchasing Chyangra alive at Rs 1,150 per kg. This effort will help in stabilizing the price of Chyangra in the market.

Meanwhile, the Company is sending around 400 quintals of rice to Byas Rural Municipality’s Chhangru and Tinkar in Darchula district at the call of people’s representatives at local level there.

The Company further said that even lentils, flour, salt and sugar will be ferried via helicopter to these places before Dashain, the biggest festival of Hindu Nepalis, beginning from Monday. MR

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Sunday September 25, 2022, 12:38:55 PM |

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