NEA faces waste of around 800 MW of electricity daily due to low demand in festive season

KATHMANDU: Nepal is facing a waste of 700-800 MW of the produced electricity on a daily basis due to a decline in the domestic consumption amid ongoing festivals.

According to Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), there is a massive decline in the domestic demand at present after industries and commercial sectors remain closed with the ongoing festivals.

In addition, India appearing reluctant to purchase additional electricity has also led to wastage of electricity in the country.

Currently, Nepal has been exporting an average of 380 MW of electricity to India. Citing an excess production, NEA last month proposed India to purchase an additional 212 MW of electricity daily until the next few months.

Although India expressed its positive note on the matter, it is yet to give the final approval to import additional electricity from Nepal.

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Sunday October 9, 2022, 11:39:00 AM |

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