Govt fixes price of bottled water

KATHMANDU: The government has fixed the price of bottled water at a maximum of Rs 16 per liter after a number of traders were found charging rampant prices for the bottled water.

The Department of Commerce, Supplies and Consumer Protection (DoCSCP), on Monday directed the traders concerned not to charge the price beyond the set price of the bottled water. In most cases, retailers have been charging between Rs 20-30 for a one liter pet bottle of water.

The DoCSCP has also fixed the price of a 20 liter jar full of water at Rs 47. Currently, retailers have been charging up to Rs 60 per jar of water. The maximum retail prices of a pet bottle of water and a jar have been fixed at Rs 20 and Rs 60, respectively, for the locations outside the Kathmandu Valley.

Director General of the DoCSCP Mahesh Bhattarai said the Department will speed up the market inspection as there are complaints that low quality water bottles were being sold at higher prices in the local market..

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Tuesday October 11, 2022, 08:52:33 PM |

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