Floods and landslides leave 10,500 people homeless in Karnali

KATHMANDU: As many as 10,714 people have been rendered homeless due to the recent flood and landslides in Karnali province. The Karnali Province Police Office Surkhet stated that the largest number, i.e. 5,282 people have become homeless due to the natural disaster in Mugu, followed by 1,763 in Kalikot district, 1725 in Jumla, 639 in Salyan, 566 in Surkhet, 474 in Humla, 207 in Dailekh, 25 in Dolpa, 18 in Jajarkot and 15 in Rukum West.

One thousand seven hundred and twenty households have been displaced due to the flood and landslide. The Office said 723 households in Mugu, 368 in Jumla, 235 households in Kalikot, 139 in Surkhet, 127 in Salyan, 73 households in Humla, 44 in Dailekh, four households each in Dolpa and Rukum West and three households in Jajarkot have been displaced.

Likewise, 36 persons have been killed in Karnali province due to the flood and landslide incidents triggered by incessant rains. Ten people lost their lives in Jumla, eight in Mugu, six in Kalikot, four in Humla, three each in Jajarkot and Salyan, and one each in Dailekh and Dolpa.

Twenty persons, including 17 in Kalikot and one each in Dailekh, Jumla, and Dolpa, are missing due to the landslide and floods. Among the missing is also a Nepal Police constable. Similarly, 28 people in the province have sustained injuries due to flood and landslide-related incidents.

The highest number of injured is in Kalikot. Ten persons have been injured in Kalikot. Similarly, six people have been injured in Humla, five each in Mugu and Jumla, and one person each in Jajarkot and Rukum West.

The Province Police Office stated that 1,140 houses have been completely damaged while 1,612 have suffered partial damage due to the flood and landslide. One thousand four hundred and seventy-seven households are at high risk from flood and landslide.

The flood and landslide triggered by incessant rains for five days killed 246 cattle, including 251 in Mugu, 217 in Humla, and 64 in the Salyan district.

Two thousand seven hundred and four police personnel were mobilized throughout the province for rescue and relief during the time of the natural disaster, the Office said. rss

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