Coca-Cola as a gesture, brings migrant workers home to celebrate Dashain & Tihar

Kathmandu: Approximately 3.5 million Nepalis work abroad, and among them only a few can return home every year to celebrate Dashain. Ever since the pandemic and the prevailing economic crises, most of the migrant workers are unable to return home.

Since the festival of Dashain and Tihar is all about coming together, Coca-Cola Nepal took the initiative this year and brought people together.

Under this heart-felt initiative,14 Nepali migrant workers from Kuwait were reunited with their families after long years of working abroad to provide for their families back home.

The magical moments of them returning back to their hometowns, their most awaited journey from Kuwait to Nepal, the heartfelt moments of them reconnecting with their loved ones have been captured and showcased in a touching video which can be found on Coca-Cola’s Youtube channel and social media.

One of the migrant workers returning, Ms. Kaanchi Maya Tamang shared, “I have been working abroad for over 11 years. It is especially during Dashain and Tihar that has been difficult to be away from my family in Nepal.

This year, I’m finally able to travel to Nepal and I’m overjoyed to celebrate Dashain and Tihar with my family and friends. I’m excited to be celebrating Dashain in Nepal after 6 years and very grateful to Coca-Cola for this gesture.”

Speaking about the campaign, Adarsh Avasthi, Country Director of Coca-Cola in Nepal shared, “Coca-Cola believes in togetherness and spreading magical moments especially during the festive season. This year our Dashain theme is “Sambandha Utsav Swad Sanga” which is why we thought of bringing together people who have been apart from their families for a long time. Dashain is all about spending precious time with our families and we are happy to have made it possible for a few people this year.”

The Sambandha Utsav Swad Sanga campaign aims to inspire consumers to cherish and celebrate the relationships they have and create tighter bonds especially over the delicious food that is eaten during the festival of Dashain and Tihar.

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