NDRRMA begins study on impacts of recent Karnali floods

KATHMANDU: The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA) has started a preliminary study on the impacts of floods and landslides that occurred in early October in the districts of Karnali Province.

Separate teams of senior scientists have been deployed in Humla, Jumla, Mugu and Kalikot districts to carry out the preliminary impacts on loss and damage caused to the destructive floods and landslides there, it is said.

The Authority has deployed Structural Engineer Devraj Poudel-led team to Humla, Geotechnical Engineer Pawan Babu Bastola to Jumla, Geotechnical Engineer Harish Paneru to Mugu and Geotechnical Engineer Birash Malla to Kalikot.

The teams would take stock of the disaster impacts by holding talks with the concerned district disaster management committees besides carrying out studies on geographical aspects of the floods while coordinating with the people’s representatives and technical experts in the districts concerned.

The teams are expected to submit their reports to the NDRRMA along with the immediate and long-term recommendations to resolve the issues of flood and landslides.

The government has already declared the affected areas of the four districts of Karnali Province as the disaster-hit region to work to stop further damage of life and physical properties by effectively launching the disaster risk reduction and management tasks. RSS

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Friday October 21, 2022, 01:37:44 PM |

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