Govt gives permission for two-way air service agreement with US, Switzerland

KATHMANDU: The government of Nepal has given permission in principle for two-way air service agreement with the US and Switzerland.

The government gave permission to forward further process after the preliminary agreement to take ahead the process for direct flight to the US and Switzerland three months ago.

It is said that Federal Aviation Administration of the US has sent a letter for two-way air service agreement for the same.

Spokesperson of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, Jagannath Niraula, said with permission from the cabinet, preparation has already been made to begin air service agreement process with the two countries.

The Tourism Ministry with the coordination of CAAN had taken the proposal in the cabinet after US and Switzerland showed their interest for two-way direct flight.

Similarly, the government has also forwarded a process to operate flights to Indonesia and Rwanda.

According to CAAN, Nepal has signed agreement for two-way direct flight with 40 countries so far and of the 40 countries, commercial flight is being operated regularly to and from 20 countries.

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Thursday November 3, 2022, 11:03:17 AM |

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