NEA to expedite construction of 132 kV substation in Chobhar

KATHMANDU: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is expediting the construction of a 132 kV substation in Chobhar, which is considered the lifeline for uninterruptible supply of electricity to the Kathmandu Valley.

According to the NEA, it has planned to take forward the construction of infrastructure at a speedy rate after solving the issues of local residents. The local people in the area had been protesting against the NEA’s move to construct the substations by acquiring land area of over 12 ropanis in Bhootkhel of Chobhar.

The land plot was previously under the ownership of Himal Cement. The government last year decided to hand over the land plot to the NEA for this purpose.

The NEA had even completed the preliminary works like survey, soil testing and design to construct the substation there. However, it was unable to make further moves after the local people launched the protest, stating that they had been using the land as their playground.

According to the NEA, the local people consented to allow the authority to use the land after the authority assured to allocate a needful budget to address the demand of the people there. Showing the safety concern, the NEA has also expressed its commitment to lay underground around 2 km of 11 kV line in the area.

NEA Managing Director Kulman Ghising said they have already awarded a contract to construct the substation, which will have two transformers of capacity of 45 kVA each. According to him, the infrastructure is an important gateway to maintain smooth electricity supply in the valley including the Kirtipur area.

The NEA has considered the Chobhar substation as an alternative after it faced a similar protest by the local people when it stepped up to construct a 132 kV transmission line along the Thankot-Chapagaun-Bhaktapur route. The authority has been constructing the Chobhar substation with concessional loan support from the Asian Development Bank.

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