EC allows to disseminate election publicity through online media platforms

KATHMANDU: The Election Commission (EC) has made a six-point decision providing for the political parties to publish and disseminate their election publicity materials for the purpose of the upcoming elections.

The election to the member of House of Representatives and Province Assembly is being held on November 20 in a single phase throughout the country.

EC Spokesperson Shaligram Sharma Poudel said that a decision has been taken to allow political parties and the candidates to solicit votes through online media registered with the Department of Information and Broadcasting and enlisted in the Press Council Nepal. Political parties and candidates concerned can solicit votes strictly adhering to theElection Code of Conduct, 2022.

The EC has also decided to allow political parties and candidates to disseminate visual material related to election campaigning through online media for a maximum of one minute.

Similarly, the political parties can disseminate election publicity materials on the private sector online media by means of ‘roadblock’, content block, homepage, banner, detailed page banner and box advertisement. However, it should be indicated on the election publicity material that it is paid advertisement.

The election publicity material disseminated in this way should not include in it any content that is defamatory to anyone, fake information, mis/dis-information and hate speech. If this type of content is found in the election publicity material, it would be considered in violation of the Election Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct also bars the dissemination of their election publicity materials by parties and candidates on foreign online media. The political parties and candidates are required to submit to the EC the details of the expenditure while disseminating the election publicity materials through online media including it in their election expenses details.

EC issues directive to make polling stations inclusive and disabled-friendly

Meanwhile, the EC has issued directives to make the polling stations inclusive and disabled-friendly. It has directed the Chief Election Officer, the Election Officer, Polling Officer and all employees deputed to conduct the election in that connection.

The EC has emphasized on the strict adherence to the ‘Gender and Inclusion Policy in Election Management, 2077 BS’ and the ‘House of Representatives and Province Assembly Member Election (Voting) Guidelines, 2079 BS’.

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