CG set to start sales of Nano Urea

KATHMANDU: CG Agro under Chaudhary group is going to start the sale and distribution of Nano Urea which is very suitable for Nepalese Agro Market.

CG Agro has been working in the area of Agriculture since a number of years. Accordingly, so as to increase agricultural yield, improve soil quality, prevent environment pollution, increase income of farmers and decrease the cost of agricultural farming Nano Urea Fertilizer is being imported which is manufactured by IFFCO India.

Nano Urea is a liquid that can be sprayed on crops, pulses, vegetables, tea, sugarcane, fruits and all other crops.

Nano Technology is a science dedicated towards production of structures, equipment, design and technologies by changing atoms at Nano level. Nano Technology has played an important role in food and agriculture sector. This technology has been used in production of chemical fertilizers as well.

Nano Urea reduces the use of conventional chemical fertilizers. This technology improves the release profiles and help in uptake causing sustainable economic and environmental benefits. Nano Particles are the particles whose diameter falls between 1 to 100 Nano meter.

Nano Technology based Nano Urea is a micro liquid fertilizer. This fertilizer provides major nutrition of Nitrogen for development of plant saplings. Unlike conventional urea, nano urea uses foliar application.

In the lack of domestic production and reliance on imports, each year our country face scarcity of chemical fertilizers. It appears a challenge in itself to obtain easily accessible, quality fertilizers. As a resolution of that very challenge and for as long term plan to increase income of farmers Nano Urea is being introduced.

Conventional granular urea is broadcasted into the soil whereas liquid Nano Urea is diluted in water and sprayed on to the plants. When sprayed at crucial stages of development of plants, the absorption by the cells of plants is at a higher rate.

The particles enters into plant through Stomata then the same is transported by Phloem to necessary parts of plants. Nano Urea being absorbed by small cells has higher efficiency as compared to conventional urea. Conventional Urea which is applied is lost up to 70% through different means. Long term use of conventional urea also increase acidity of the soil.

Nano Urea reduces the use of conventional urea by more than half. A one 500 ML bottle of Nano Urea is equivalent to 50 Kgs (1 Sack) of conventional urea in use. Nano Urea is environment friendly, cheaper and increases soil quality and yield.

2 to 4 Ml of Nano Urea can be mixed with 1 Litre of Clean water and sprayed on to the plants. For better results, the nano urea should be sprayed upto 2 times after 30 to 35 days of plantation or 1 week before flowering.

The bottle should be shook well before using. This should be kept safe from the reach of children and animals and it is advised to use mask and gloves while making application. The nano urea can be stored at normal temperature. Generally, 500 Ml Nano urea can be used for 1 acre of field.

Strategic partnership between CG and IFFCO

CG and IFFCO India has entered into a strategic partnership to introduce state of the art agro technologies and development into Nepal.

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