Election: Things that can and cannot be done

KATHMANDU: A fixed time will be implemented from midnight for the purpose of election of members of the House of Representatives and State Assembly.

According to the Election Code of Conduct, 2079, this period is valid from 48 hours before the polling day until the polling station is closed on the polling day. Voting will be held on November 20 from 7 am to 5 pm.

Similarly, it is mentioned in the code of conduct that a political party or candidate’s propaganda materials placed around 300 meters from the polling place should be removed 48 hours before the polling day.

Likewise, on the day of voting, political parties, candidates, fraternal organizations of parties or related persons shall not wear clothing or badges with election symbols or vote symbols in the polling station.

Similarly, no person other than the voters and the person or official authorized by the commission should enter the polling station.

Section 24 of the Election (Offenses and Punishment) Act, 2073 states that no one shall call or organize a meeting, take out a procession or raise slogans for the purpose of voting for or against any candidate or political party from 48 hours before the day of polling until the counting of votes is completed.

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