SUNSILK Dashain vibes 2 gang of girls winners announced

KATHMANDU: Sunsilk Nepal launched a digital contest; named SunsilkDashainVibes in an attempt to join the consumers in showcasing their beauty during the festive season of Dashain 2021. The campaign was a major success with over 60M views and 2800+audience entries showcasing their beautiful hairstyles and Dashain vibes.

The biggest opportunityfor the winners wasbeing featured in Sunsilk’s “Limited Edition Dashain Packs” which was first such initiative taken in Nepal. Through these packs the Sunsilk Gang of Girls reached thousands of households in Nepal.

According to the Managing Director of Unilever Nepal, Amlan Mukherjee, “Sunsilk is arguably the largest beauty brand of Nepal, widely distributed and preferred by millions of consumers. We are proud to introduce the Sunsilk Gang of Girls who are the winners of Sunsilk Dashain Vibes contest launched during Dashain 2021 and it was an unprecedented success.Sunsilk believes that girls thrive when they explore possibilities, and we gave them the opportunity to showcase their beautiful hair and feature in the bottles of Brand. We believe that Beauty is uncomplicated and captured through many means. We want our brands along with our consumers to be associated with local festivals and culture. Sunsilk Dashain Vibes and Sunsilk Gang of Girls activation are among such efforts”.

Keeping up with the success of season 1, Sunsilk Dashain Vibes 2 was launched on September 1, 2022, with the theme of “Double Celebration”. Participants had to send their entries through a video or photo showcasing their amazing hairstyles and Dashain vibes.3 winners would get a chance to win Rs. 100,000 each, lead #SunsilkGangofGirls with Princy and Prisma and an exciting opportunity to get featured in Sunsilk Packs through the selection done by Renowned personalities, Actress Barsha Raut, Singer Melina Rai and Hair Expert Swastika Rajbhandari.

The success of the second version which received 3732 entries was supported by On-ground activations and digital promotions.The campaign garnered over 66M views in TikTok and over 100M views through all digital platforms.

Hence making the campaign one of the biggest digital campaigns in Nepal, if not the biggest. With world moving forward with advance technologies, digitalization, Nepal needs to keep pace and subsequently lead. Sunsilk Nepal is adapting towards the rapidly changing environment and is one of the brands which is able toachieve success through digitalization.

The Grand Finale event of Sunsilk Dashain Vibes 2 Campaign took place at Radisson, on 23rdof November 2022 where Sumitra Maurati, Prinsika Shrestha and SanishaBhattaraiwere declared as the winners of #SunsilkDashainVibes 2 contest who won Rs. 100,000 each.

The girls will now be leading the #SunsilkGangofGirls along with brand ambassadors Princy and Prisma for a year along with an opportunity of being featured in the Sunsilk Packs next year.

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