Revenue collection from mountain climbing doubles this year

KATHMANDU: The Department of Tourism, by issuing mountain climbing permits in the fall of this year, has collected twice as much revenue in the season this year as that of last year. The department collected Rs 40.6 million in the same season last year. This year the department has collected Rs 93 million rupees.

According to the statistics of the department, the amount was collected from 48 mountain climbing permits. The department gives permission for mountain climbing twice a year. Accordingly, the department opens mountain climbing in the months of March, April, May (spring season) and in September, October and November (autumn season).

According to this year’s data, the highest revenue has been collected from the 8,163 meter high Manaslu mountain in autumn. From Mount Manaslu alone, the department has collected around Rs 46.2 million in revenue. A total of 404 people from 38 groups took permission to climb Manaslu. Of them, 307 were men and seven were women.

Especially in spring and autumn, most mountain climbing is done. Among these two seasons, the highest number of climbers climb Mt Manaslu in autumn, said Bigyan Koirala, section officer of the mountaineering department. He said, “There are more climbers who climb Manaslu than other mountains in autumn, that’s why more revenue is collected from Manaslu during this season.”

Statistics show that after Manaslu, the highest revenue amount is collected from the 6,814-meter high Mt Ama Dablam. The department has collected Rs 24.2 million in revenue from Ama Dablam. A total of 460 people from 39 groups took permission to climb Ama Dablam from the department. Of them, 355 were male and 155 were female climbers.

Similarly, after Ama Dablam, the department has collected Rs 5.1 million from the 7,126 meter high Mt Himalung. Statistics show that Mt Himalung is in third place in terms of revenue collection. A total of 16 groups took permission – 123 men and 33 women took permission to climb Mt Himalung.

Mt Dhaulagiri is in fourth place in terms of revenue collection. The 8,167-meter high Mt Dhaulagiri has collected Rs 3.8 million in revenue. A total of 34 people from four groups took permission to climb the mountain. Of them, 23 were males and 11 were females.

According to the data provided by the department, Mt Everest or Sagarmatha is in fifth position in terms of revenue collection. Rs 3.5 million was collected in revenue from the highest mountain in the world. This time only one group took the permission to climb Mt Everest.

The department said there are five people – four men and one woman – in the group. Similarly, Baruntse, Saribung, Thapa and other mountains collected Rs 1.3 million, Rs 353,000, Rs 640,000 respectively.

The highest number of climbing permits was issued for Mt Manaslu Mountain in autumn. According to the statistics of the department, 144 of the 1,435 climbers from 76 countries who received permits for this mountain this season are from America.

After the US, France and the UK are ranked second and third respectively. This time, 132 people from France and 129 people from Britain have taken permission to climb the mountain.

From August 24, the department opened mountain climbing for the autumn season. While mountain climbing mostly takes place in spring and autumn, September, October and November (autumn) are the peak climbing season after spring.

The remaining seasons are ‘off season’ for mountain climbing. Out of a total of 414 mountain permits, the department has been giving 387 mountain climbing permits and the remaining 27 mountain climbing permits have been given by mountain climbers’ association.

Similarly, the government has allocated revenue for mountain climbing according to season and mountain. Also, the amount of revenue is determined differently for foreigners and locals depending on the season and mountains.

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