CBS to make detailed census report public by end of 2022

KATHMANDU: The Central Bureau of Statistics will release the detailed census report before the English year ends.

Director of the Bureau Dhundiraj Lamichhane informed that the census details are currently being processed and the prepared details will be released within December.

Given that, the three-tier government has made its plans/programmes based on the data of the last census.

The bureau had earlier released the preliminary details of the 2021 census in January this year. According to the preliminary results, the total population of Nepal is 29,192,480 with a population growth rate of 0.93 per cent.

After the preliminary results, the department said it would release the detailed census report public in the next six months. But, due to the two consecutive elections in Nepal, the bureau says, the work was delayed.

The preliminary census data shows:
Total population: 29,192,480
Male population: 14,291,311 people (48.96 per cent)
Female population: 14,901,169 (51.04 per cent)
Number of houses in Nepal: 5,643,945
Number of families: 6,761,059
Household-to-family ratio: 1:1.20
The number of families increased in 10 years: 1,333,557

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