NRB to freez bank accounts and electronic payments of bookies

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KATHMANDU: Nepal Rastra Bank has warned not to participate in betting (gambling and betting). After the start of the World Cup football, suspicious transactions in electronic payments started to be seen, the National Bank has issued a notice to warn.

The Payment System Department of the National Bank has informed not to engage in online gambling and betting illegal activities through electronic payments such as online banking, mobile banking, digital wallets.

Gambling and betting activities are illegal. The general public is informed not to participate in transactions of this nature,” the notice said, ‘If anyone is found involved in activities such as gambling and betting through electronic payment transactions, legal action will be taken against the concerned group/organization and transactions through their bank accounts, mobile wallets, etc. will be stopped.’

The National Bank has also instructed the licensed and licensed organizations to make arrangements to prevent the payment of gambling and betting related illegal activities through bank accounts, mobile banking, mobile wallets, etc.

The National Bank has also requested to inform if anyone is aware of gambling and betting through electronic payment.


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Wednesday December 14, 2022, 01:15:45 PM |

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