Investment is not a problem if there is a commercial idea: Senior VP Dhakal

KATHMANDU: Chandra Prasad Dhakal, senior vice president of the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce & Industries, said that there is no problem of investment if there is a commercial idea.

Addressing the youth business summit held in Butwal on Saturday, Senior Vice President Dhakal said that if there is an idea to start a business, investors and banks will be available for investment.

“If you have an idea, you work for the public and you work honestly, you will not have investment problems. Banks and financial institutions and investors are ready to invest in you. Right now there is a liquidity problem in banks. But I think this problem will not last long. It gets easier,” he said.

He said that due to the increase in prices and the lack of liquidity in the banking sector, businesses and businessmen have been hit by the problems in the country’s economy.

Stating that the agendas raised by the private sector are not only for the improvement of the private sector but also for the improvement of the economy as a whole, he said that if the agenda of the private sector is ignored, all Nepalis will suffer the consequences.

He said that there is a lack of coordination between the government agencies and the private sector has to bear the brunt of it.

Giving examples of his business success in remittance, banking and tourism sectors, Dhakal said that any business connected with the priority of the state and the service of the common people will be successful easily.

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