India granted permission for two more projects to export electricity

KATHMANDU: The Government of India has given permission to export electricity from two more Nepali hydropower projects. India has given permission to export electricity from the 24.25 MW Kabeli-B1 and 19.4 MW Lower Modi projects.

Along with this permission, projects equal to about 452 MW have been allowed to export in the day-ahead market of Indian Energy Exchange Limited (IEX).

Kul Man Ghising, executive director of Nepal Electricity Authority, said that India is giving permission to more projects in a phased manner. He said that even though electricity could not be exported to India at the time due to the decrease in the level of the river, this permission has added enthusiasm for the coming years.

Due to the increase in cold, the demand for electricity in Kathmandu Valley and other areas has increased, while the flow of water in the river channels has decreased, and the production from the hydroelectric power stations based on the river flow has decreased, and the export of electricity has stopped.

“We are confident that the other projects proposed by us will also get permission,” he said.

From May 19 to December 3, the authority exported electricity worth Rs 11.163 billion to India. The power utility has earned 11.16 billion rupees by exporting 1.357 billion units of electricity which is surplus to domestic consumption.

Initially, 39 megawatts of electricity produced by two hydropower stations were considered as the source and sold to IEX on a daily basis. After that, from 27th of June, 364 megawatts of electricity produced from 6 hydropower stations were considered as a source and sold in the Indian market at a competitive rate.

The Authority had received approval to export the electricity produced from two more hydroelectric plants from last October 18 and 30.

“When domestic production decreases, we import for about 4 months to meet domestic demand,” Ghising said, “In previous years, electricity exports were less than imports, so from this year, exports will be more and imports will be less. .’


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