National Records Office begins e-pension online service

KATHMANDU: The Rashtriya Kitabkhana or the National Pension Records Office for civil servants has started an e-pension online service. The service that began a month ago from Lalitpur as a pilot project has now expanded across the country.

The concept of e-pension has been introduced to make the service fast, efficient, and technology-friendly said Acting Director General of the Office Sangeeta Ojha.

The new service will end the compulsion and hassle for civil servants to travel to the federal capital for their pension following retirement. The office has been maintaining all the records since the appointment to the retirement of civil servants, teachers, and police personnel.

The Civil Service Act and Regulations provide that those who have completed more than 20 years of service are entitled to a pension, while those who have served less receive gratuity in a lump sum.

According to the office, 3,785 employees joined the pension scheme in the previous financial year 2078/79. Records show that 88,000 civil servants have retired so far.

Information Officer Prakash Jung Karki said that the process of receiving applications for pensions online has started from all districts of the country since Friday. The employees who are about to retire will be notified in advance about the documents required for the pension scheme and they can apply from anywhere.

The office has been updating the records of employee appointment, citizenship, academic qualification, transfer, promotion, leave, departmental action, service period and awards received. It also works on parental pension, medical treatment, insurance, accumulated leave, disability, and child benefit.

However, even though all the documents are collected online, there is still a compulsion to come to the office to complete the pension scheme and have the pension booklet. RSS



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