NEA steps up effort to construct transmission lines

KATHMANDU: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has stepped up efforts to construct transmission lines and substations in Tarakeshwar Municipality, with the aim to supply sustainable energy in the Kathmandu Valley.

Issuing a public notice on Wednesday, the NEA said it has started the process for land acquisition in the area. The land will be used to construct transmission lines and substations with capacity of 220/132/66/11 kV in Jitpurphedi and Goldhunga of ward number 3 and 5 of Tarakeshwar Municipality. The public utility has invited applications from the property owners concerned to claim their compensation amount.

According to the NEA, the proposed infrastructure will be sufficient to maintain smooth electricity supply to the valley for the next 30 years. The NEA and the government are jointly injecting the necessary investment for this purpose. The land owned by 54 individuals in Jitpurphedi and seven individuals in Goldhunga have been considered for acquisitions.

Although electricity production has increased by a notable amount in recent days, consumers have been largely affected by the disruption of electricity supply. The NEA has been blaming the old transmission lines and substations for the substandard power supply.

The state-owned electricity monopoly had faced years of hassles from the locals when it started materializing its plan to construct a 400 kV substation in the Lapsiphedi area of Shankarapur Municipality-3. After two years’ of dilly dallying, the NEA reached an agreement with the agitating locals of the area just 10 days ago.


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