NRB taken away free interbank ATM facility

KATHMANDU: Until Tuesday, bank customers did not have to pay fees for withdrawing money from ATMs of different banks up to twice a month. However, on Tuesday, Nepal Rastra Bank removed this arrangement and took away the facility that the bank’s customers were getting.

NRB had arranged that no fee will be charged for up to 2 transactions when using the interbank ATM provided during the Covid.

Rashtra Bank’s payment system department has issued a unified instruction regarding the payment system and removed the provision of not charging up to 2 times when using inter-bank ATMs.

Banks used to charge up to 20 rupees per transaction while using inter-bank ATMs, but now it has been arranged that only 15 rupees will be charged.

The users of banking services are accusing the Rashtra Bank of trying to increase the income of the banks by removing the provision that customers get 2 transactions for free and reducing the services received by the customers.

The central bank, which has adopted a policy of encouraging electronic transactions, is being criticized in various ways saying that it is wrong to remove the policy of not charging up to 2 transaction fees at inter-bank ATMs.

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Thursday February 2, 2023, 02:58:53 PM |

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