Nepal Telecom starts ‘5G’ trial in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU: Nepal Telecom has started trial testing of ‘5G’ service from Sunday in Kathmandu. According to the company, the test was started from the offices of Telecom in Babarmahal and Sundhara in Kathmandu. According to the company, users of mobile devices with 5G compatible i.e. 5G facilities can use 5G in the mentioned two places during the trial period.

‘We don’t have that many mobile devices running 5G,’ said Sobhan Adhikari, spokesperson of Telecom, ‘We are requesting mobile manufacturers including Samsung to bring their 5G devices and test them. On which other sets 5G runs, the process of onboarding the manufacturers for testing is underway.

In July 2022, Nepal Telecommunication Authority, the regulatory body of the telecommunication sector, approved the ‘Procedures for testing new technologies including 5G, and gave permission to the government-owned Nepal Telecom for testing 5G.

Although Telecom said that it will be tested in the last financial year 2021/22, the test has not been done yet. The spokesperson said that due to the delay in getting import license, frequency etc. and problems in importing the equipment, the test date is moving. This time, on the occasion of the company’s 19th anniversary, the trial testing of 5G was started on Sunday.

After some time, the company informed that it will be tested in other places like Pokhara, Birganj. The Telecommunication Authority has provided 60 MHz frequency under the 2600 MHz band for 5G testing.


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