Industry ministry instructs all govt departments and institutes to use Nepali products

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply (MoICS) has issued a circular to all government offices to consume Nepali goods and products.

The MoICS gave such instructions to the subordinate departments and institutes stating that the government has decided to use Nepali goods as much as possible in all government offices.

According to the decision of the meeting of the Central Monitoring Committee held on February 24, a circular has been sent to implement the decision to ensure use of indigenous products as far as possible in all government agencies.

Earlier, the ministry had decided to give priority to the use of indigenous products in the purchase of stationery and other items used by all government agencies. In line with the same decision, only domestically produced items are used in government offices for snacks and meals.

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Tuesday March 7, 2023, 11:42:04 AM |

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