Pokhara-Jomsom flights resume, Summit and Tara air conduct nine flights a day

KATHMANDU: With the end of the winter season, Pokhara-Jomsom regular flight has started. Jashoda Subedi, Head of Airport Operations, said that Summit and Tara Air have nine daily flights from this airport, which is undergoing stall operation from the old airport.

“Summit has started regular flights from last week. Along with this, Tara Air has also prepared flights to this destination,” Subedi said.

According to her, Summit and Tara have been making four flights every day. She said that the occupancy on both flights was significant. For this, Tara and Summit have been keeping each aircraft one night stop, she said.

She said that helicopter, ultralight and other flights are currently being operated from the old airport along with fixed wing.

With the international airport coming into use from January 1, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has operated flights to difficult destinations from the old airport. VFR flights are coming from the old airport, while the authority has made IFR flights mandatory at the new airport.

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Tuesday March 14, 2023, 11:22:55 AM |

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