Guna Airlines fails financial audit, cannot sell or fly jet stream aircraft

KATHMANDU: Guna Airlines has been found weak in the financial audit conducted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN).

After receiving information that pilots and employees were not paid for a long time, CAAN grounded all aircraft of the airline and conducted a financial audit. The company has not paid its employees for three months and has not been able to pay the authority’s service fee.

This company belongs to Rajendra Shakya. He left the aviation sector eight years ago after the real estate business collapsed. He re-launched this airline two years ago. However, he was in trouble again because he could not manage the airline financially.

“Financial conditions are the backbone of the aviation industry. However, the audit we conducted a few days ago showed that the financial condition of the company is weak,” Jagannath Niraula, spokesperson of CAAN, said, “We have already written to the company.”

According to him, the company has yet to pay more than four million rupees to the authority.

Niraula said that if the company does not pay the dues to be submitted to the authority, it will not get permission to sell five jet stream aircraft in its fleet. The company, which has two beachcraft and five jetstream aircrafts, has been grounded for a month.

The company has been insisting that it plans to sell its five jetstreams and bring in larger ships. For this, the company said that the work of inspecting the condition of the aircraft is going on in full swing.

Founded in 2009, this company ‘Guna Airlines’ has been operating under the name of Simrik Airlines since 2013. This company, which restarted flights two years ago, was previously flying to Simra, Bharatpur, Janakpur, Bhadrapur, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj, Tumlingtar and other destinations through seven aircraft.

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