Prakash Shrestha: A treasure of Nepali model and dance

KATHMANDU: Prakash Shrestha is an accomplished, classy, and modest jewel of the Nepali dancing scene. He is also a dancer, model, and actor. In order to promote Nepali dancing throughout the world, he started his career in 1996 AD by creating dance stages for well-known traditional, folk, modern, and movie songs.

In Nepal’s entertainment sector, Shrestha is well-known for his choreography and dancing. Shrestha, who is from Nepal, is also a choreographer, actor, and dance director.

For his dancing roles in numerous Nepali music videos, Shrestha is best known. Shrestha has more than 500 dance routines for songs, videos, and stage performances in the Nepali music industry. In excess of 60 film songs and 140 music videos for the Nepali music industry feature him as the main character.

In a variety of programs, including those in the modeling and dancing fields, at colleges, universities, and other domestic and international venues, he has worked as a dance instructor and choreographer.

On March 20, 1976, in the Kathmandu Valley, Prakash Shrestha was born. Later, in Kathmandu, he performed dances and worked as a model as well as actor.

He started his first job in Kathmandu as a folk dancer when he was 20 years old and worked there for 6 and-a-half years.

He later began his career as a stage performer, model, and special character in numerous music videos, songs, documentaries, short films, cinemas, and other up to the present.

After making a splash on domestic dancing stages, Shrestha has appeared on numerous stages in cultural shows in China, Qatar, Egypt, and India.

In the Indian capital city of Delhi in 2010, Prakash Shrestha gave a stage performance to promote Nepali modern and film dances and their treatments.


He additionally most recently appeared in Egypt as a dancing model for the Nepali Culture Dance Show.
For the past ten years, he has been in charge of the most well-known dance troupe in Nepal. He has performed on numerous famous stages and at important national cultural events.

He currently works for the Film Dance Association of Nepal as the organization’s focal point member.

Prakash Shrestha has received numerous honors for his best stage performances in Nepal, India, and China. Among them are the Great Nataraj Film Award, the Global International Film Award, the Quality Entertainment Award, the Nepal Music Fashion Award, the Indo-Nepal Best performing Award, and the Nepal-China Folk Award, to name just a few.

Additionally, Shrestha works for Tribeni movies, Krishna films, Shiva Darsan films, Great Natraj films, Music Bank Movies, Manju Shree films, and Bhawana Films as a group leader/performer and dance teacher.
He has also worked as a dance instructor for Sai Vision Movies. Dance instructor at Florina Films in Kathmandu’s Anamnagar.

Throughout his career, he also took part in stage productions for non-governmental organizations, the Nepal Army, the Nepal Police, federal government programs, and other cultural government programs.

He is a great person outside of work and gives to those in need. He has repeatedly fed thousands of hungry people in a variety of circumstances. For his unwavering dedication to his career, the Nepali government has frequently expressed its gratitude.

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