USAID public financial management activity launches in Madhesh Province

KATHMANDU: Today, the US Ambassador to Nepal, Dean Thompson, and USAID/Nepal Mission Director, Sepideh Kevyanshad, joined Madhesh Province Chief Minister, Saroj Kumar Yadav, to launch the USAID Public Financial Management activity. The $20 million, five-year program will reinforce public financial management at the federal, provincial and local levels of government in Madhesh and Lumbini provinces of Nepal.

Through this activity, USAID and the GoN will partner to strengthen and advance national public financial management institutions and systems. Several ministers and secretaries from the Government of Madhesh province attended the event together with Mayors and Deputy Mayors from the local governments.

U.S. Ambassador Dean Thompson noted that “democracy flourishes when leaders are accountable to citizens, and when citizens understand the mission and boundaries of their respective leaders. Transparency and understanding how a community’s money is collected, invested and spent is critical to the sound functioning of a democratic society.”

Similarly, USAID/Nepal Mission Director Sepideh Kevyanshad stated, “We want municipalities to prioritize women’s needs in their budgets. This includes funding for women’s skills training, business opportunities, and education and health programs for girls and mothers.”

She went on to highlight the collaboration and partnership between Madhesh Province officials and USAID, and recognized their support and commitment, particularly the Chief Minister, Principal Secretary and Finance Secretary, during the co-creation of the activity.

USAID Public Financial Management marks the culmination of a series of consultations with provincial stakeholders to identify the priorities of the government.

Relevant stakeholders from all three tiers of government discussed interventions for the first year of the activity, which will integrate gender responsiveness in budgeting and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society.

This joint activity between the governments of the United States and Nepal builds upon the more than 75 years of friendship between the two countries.

It supports Nepal in making fiscal federalism work for the people, focusing on inclusion of women and other marginalized populations.

Deloitte and WSP, together with Georgia State University and the Niti Foundation, will implement the activity in Nepal.

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Sunday April 2, 2023, 12:06:16 PM |

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