Investment Board’s decision to proceed with major projects

KATHMANDU: The Investment board has decided to move forward large-scale, domestic, and internationally funded projects to be promoted. The Board of Investment decided to move forward with such a project at its 53rd meeting, which was presided over by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

It has been decided to advance the hydropower project in the energy sector, according to Finance Minister Dr. And Prakashsaran Mahat. It was decided at the Investment Board meeting to move forward with the Lower Arun, Upper Marsyangdi, Dudhkoshi-2, and other hydropower projects. The Minister Mahat stated that the production level has been reached in cement investment projects in a similar manner.

A lot of people are interested in making chemical fertilizer. On that subject, the Board of Investment has also reached some conclusions.

The Finance Minister, who also serves as the Investment Board’s Vice President. “Foreign investors are waiting for permission to carry out a thorough study for fertilizer production,” Mahat said. The process of approving two foreign investors will move forward, it has been decided. “.

In the board, a wide range of other investment-related issues were discussed. Mahat stated. “Investments are currently in a variety of stages; some are in the research phase, some are finished, and some are in the implementation phase,” he said.

It was discussed how to move these projects forward at various stages and how to improve the investment board’s technical and other capabilities in order to foster future investment.

Minister Mahat stated that the government would make a decision in accordance with the need because the board meeting revealed the need to amend the law and the procedure. ”

The question of holding an investment conference in the near future was also raised; the proper date for that will be determined after discussion,” he said. “

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