Ram Bahadur Thapa: A gem of Nepali dancing stages

KATHMANDU: Dancer, model and actor Ram Bahadur Thapa is a multi-talented, elegant, and humble gem of the Nepali dancing industry. He began his career in 2004 AD by creating dance stages for popular traditional, folk, modern, and movie songs to promote the Nepali dancing style around the world.

Thapa is a well-known dancer and choreographer in the Nepali entertainment industry. Thapa is also a choreographer, actor, and director of dance from Nepal.

Thapa is best known for his dancing appearances in numerous Nepali music videos. In the Nepali music industry, Thapa has dance routines for more than 300 songs, videos, and stage performances. He has played the lead role in more than 75 film songs and 15 music videos for the Nepali music industry.

He has worked as a dance instructor and choreographer in a variety of programs, including the dancing and modeling industries, at colleges, universities, and other national and international venues.

Ram Bahadur Thapa was born on November 1st, 1980 in the remote Ramechhap District village of Duragaun VDC-5 (currently Likhu Tamakoshi Rural Municipality, Ward No. 1). Later, He worked as a dancer and a model in Kathmandu.

At the age of 24, he began his first job in Kathmandu as a folk dancer, which he kept up for 2.5 years. Later, he started his career as a stage performer, model, and special character in numerous music videos, songs, documentaries, short films, cinemas, and other up to this day.

Thapa has performed on numerous stages in cultural shows in China and India after making a splash on domestic dancing stages.

Ram Bahadur Thapa performed on stage to promote Nepali folk dances and their cures in the Indian capital city of Delhi in 2010 and in various Chinese cities over the course of a 15-month period in 2016–17. Additionally, he participated as a dancer in the 2015 South Asian Games’ in India’s Nepali Culture Dance Show.

He has been leading Nepal’s most popular dance group for the past ten years and has performed on many popular stages and in national cultural events.

At the moment, he serves as the organization’s focal point member at Film Dance Association of Nepal.
Ram Bahadur Thapa has won numerous prestigious prizes in Nepal, India, and China for his best stage performance. The Great Nataraj Film Award, the Ramechhap Kalakar Samaj’s Award, the Global International Film Award, the Quality Entertainment Award, the Nepal Music Fashion Award, the Indo-Nepal Best performing Award, and the Nepal-China Folk Award are just a few of the awards that are included.

Thapa is also employed by Bindabasini films as a group leader, Tribeni movies, Krishna Films, Shiva Darsan films, Great Natraj films, Music Bank Movies, Manju Shree films and Bhawana Films Pvt. Ltd as a dance instructor and performer.

Ram Bahadur Thapa was a dancer for the Hotel A Tsa Ra in Tibet of China, and an instructor of dance for the International Dance Training Center Pvt. Ltd in Kathmandu’s Bagbazar.

Likewise, he has worked for Sai Vision Movies as a dance instructor. Dance teacher at Florina Films in Anamnagar, Kathmandu.

At the Gorkha Palace in Thamel, Kathmandu, Thapa also performed as a culture dancer.
He had additionally participated in stage performances for non-governmental organizations, the Nepal Army, the Nepal Police, Federal government programs and other government cultural programs throughout his career.

A great person outside of his career, he helps those in need. In a variety of situations, he has repeatedly fed thousands of hungry people. The government of Nepal has frequently expressed appreciation for his unwavering commitment to his career.

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