Maulakali cable car operational from May 1

KATHMANDU: The Moulakalika Cable Car, operated by Moulakalika Cabelcar Pvt Ltd, will start running on May 1 in Gaindakot, in the Nawalpur district.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal will formally launch Cabelcar on May 1. The main investment of the IME Group, Moulakalika Cabelcar, has been under construction since last year. Gaindakot to Moulakalika Temple is 1.2 kilometers away by Cabelcar and is served by 12 gondolas.

The cable car ride from bottom station to top station takes about 5 minutes. It will be simpler for the followers who travel to see and worship Moulakalika once Cabelcar is operational.

At the upper station of the cable car, there will be a hotel with 60 rooms, a guest hall, and a restaurant. The hotel won’t open for a few more months, according to the company, even if the cable car does.

The project, which will significantly improve the Nawalpur and Chitwan districts’ tourism infrastructure, has received more than two billion rupees in investment.

The IME Group’s primary investment, the construction of a new tourist destination with a cable car, has been finished and is currently being built at Chandragiri in Kathmandu.

Similar to this, a second cable car project promoted by Lumbini Cablecar Pvt Ltd, the main investment of the same group, is being built from Butwal Bazar in the Rupandehi district to Basantpur in Palpa. By the end of the month, the Cabelcar project would also be operational, according to the company.

With the help of the IME Group, all seven provinces are developing significant and excellent tourism infrastructure.

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